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Sepp Blatter: And now the stench of Fifa clings to Platini, too

Taxi for Platini, you have to say. We have known ever since the day in June when Sepp Blatter – recalcitrant and unapologetic to the bitter end – told us he would be stepping down as Fifa president that the FBI or the Swiss Attorney General would soon have their hands on his collar. It was simply a matter of which. But it looks like Platini is going all the way down with him.

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Football League

Oldham Athletic’s David Dunn rues lack of dedication – and that failed ‘rabona’

David Dunn is sitting in the Oldham Athletic manager’s office reflecting on the unfairness of it all. He is in the 18th season of his professional football career, a career that brought 378 appearances for his hometown club Blackburn Rovers and England recognition, yet to some people he is best known for a single banana-skin incident.

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